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Loumain Project Management Construction

Our project management team has Industry experience and expertise that is hard to match. We have developed an in-house team of seasoned project managers and have built many relationships with external project management firms. 

Our involvement in a client’s project often begins in early stages. This allows us to manage the project from inception to completion, providing input in each component of the project. 

Our capabilities and service offering include:

Project planning

Our highly strategic project planning involves the entire project life-cycle. Early planning involves the choice of technology and construction methodology, identifying work tasks, the estimation of the required resources. interaction between tasks is then reviewed and activity duration is planned.


Cost management

Our in-house estimators and quantity surveyors participate in the cost management aspect of project planning. Ballpark estimates (BPEs) are sometimes used in early stages. These generally have a much smaller level of accuracy but can assist with a general cost overview. High-level estimates (HLEs) can be compiled during conceptual design and early documentation stage. level of accuracy is greater - generally +/- 15-25%. As the level of detail and specifications increases, a detailed estimate (DE) is created. We always attempt to provide a high level of cost transparency and granularity. As a result, we aim at achieveing a +/1 5% margin of variation (error) whenever possible. 

Aspects affecting the level of cost management accuracy include general project assumptions, documentation constraints and unknowns and other limitations.


Time management

An established set of project work activities is organised in time sections and then carefully planned and implemented. In order to meet demanding time and cost constraints and goals, effective time management is one of the key success factors. One of the main reasons why projects incur cost overruns is due to poor management of time allocated as well as ineffective management of unexpected events. 
Loumain uses its resources and experience to deliver a realistic and carefully prepared construction timeline

During the planning stage, all work tasks should be understood. As part of this service, each task and task group is allocated ahead of time and optimisation tools are utilised in order to pinpoint adequate task sharing methods. 
Our experts work on the following additional components of time management: interrelationships between tasks, local authority liaising, client approval processes, accident handling, meeting handling, keeping track of material delivery delays and other aspects affecting the construction timeline (such as managing "float")


Quality management

Quality Assurance (QA) also known as Quality Control (QC) is an ongoing process of continuous improvement. A typical QC / QA plan consists of 

  • Examining the quality of the ongoing and completed work
  • Ensuring that the material used meets project quality standards
  • Protecting the finished work from harm or damage
  • Project and construction review processes as well  as other components.


Contract administration

Part of our CA service involves managing your contracts to ensure all parties comply with and fulfill the contract conditions. Our team utilises a series of tools such as contract calendars, cost adjustemnt forms, documentation checklists, contractor cost verification tools (allocating progress payents to the quotation) and more.


Safety management

Loumain safety management service consists of implementing systems allowing safe project completion. One of these is PDCA, also known as  Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continual improvement.

  • Plan. A safety policy and set of procedures is defined and the resources allocated.
  • Do. Procedures are applied.
  • Check. Safety and ongoing performance is measured.
  • Act. Appropriate remedial measures or improvements are defined, leading back into the planning step (1) above, to restart the cycle.

Other safety management programs include Identification of all safety hazards relating to the project and tasks, risk management procedures, continual monitoring with regular evaluation of safety performance.
Our experience includes projects of long duration as well as short time frame jobs and consulting projects on an as-needed basis.


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Early Planning
Land Surveying Consultation Loumain

Concept & Early Planning

Early planning support ranging from pre-development, feasibility studies to financial planning and more.
Design Management
Building Design Architecture Loumain

Design Management

Working with architects and designers to deliver best possible outcomes for clients.
Civil Works
Earthworks Groundworks Loumain

Civil Construction

Delivering a full range of civil works including earthworks, excavation, drainage and more.
Schools Education Construction Building Loumain


Acting as principal contractor or sub-contractor. Delivering a full range of building services.
Project Management
Commercial Builder Construction Management Loumain

Project Management

Utilising extensive building project management experience. Acting as Owner's Representative or as a Consultant.
Design & Construct
Design Construct Turnkey Builder


Delivering a turnkey D&C service. Engineering, Construction, Procurement and Management.div>




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Commercial Builder Hospitals Loumain

Healthcare Sector Construction Services

More than 10 years of healthcare specific experience.
Labs & R&D
Commercial Fitout Contractor Loumain

Labs & Research Facilities

We work with architects and designers to deliver your project.
Design Construct Turnkey Builder

Learning Centres & Schools

Serving childcare, higher education, learning and tranining facilities sector.
Community & Public
Building Fitout Commercial Loumain

Community Buildings

We act as principal concrator or sub-contractor serving the government and public spaces sector.
Commercial & Retail
Steel Construction Loumain Australia

Retail & Commercial

LOUMAIN team have extensive building and fitout experience in the commercial and retail space.
Warehousing & Logistics
Steel Worker Loumain Australia


We specialise in factory, warehousing and logistics design & development.

About Loumain

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